Let’s create a Buddhist Shrine Hall together

Help the Rangjung Yeshe Ukraine community in founding the first Buddhist Shrine Hall in Ukraine. The three-storied temple will be reconstuct* and fashioned according to tradition, serving as a place of study, meditation, and cultivating wisdom.

Make any donation for temple creating:

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You will be a co-founder of an authentic Buddhist temple dedicated to traditional spiritual practice.

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You will help in creating a place for group and individual retreats, including the monastic education of Buddhist teachers, i.e. Lamas in Ukraine.

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You will be promoting the spread of Buddhist wisdom, bringing happiness to those who wish to learn.

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You will gather merit and create auspicious conditions for your future.

Our Teacher

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

"By helping create* this Temple, you will bring benefit not only to the Buddhist community of Ukraine, but to all beings. This retreat center, belonging to us all, will soon become one of the world’s greatest."


The Site

The future temple will be reconstruct* on a 12 acre plot of land, currently occupied by several buildings of a former children’s summer camp. The grounds, located only one hour from Kyiv by road, are surrounded by splendid forested nature, including a running river and lake.


On the 12 acres of land, there are buildings in ruin and damaged infrastructure.


The area is located in Khomivka village, in the Zhytomyr region.


It is surrounded by a picturesque untouched forest, with the Bilka river running through.


There are buildings of a former recreation camp from Soviet times which need to be restored. In particular, there is an old dining hall needing major repair and renovation.


GPS 50.540754, 29.446268


Authentic Tibetan Buddhist lineage – Chokling Tersar. A community of Ukrainian and international practitioners.

"Anyone can authentically study the teachings of Sutra and Tantra at our Gomde centers, and put into practice the view, meditation and conduct of the three vehicles of Buddhism. I have sincere aspirations that in the future the Gomde centers will become great dharma seats, from which countless learned and accomplished beings will emerge."

— Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche


Our Community

Around 500 people from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Lviv, Dnipro, Poltava, Uzhhorod, Kherson, Kryvyi Rih, Melitopol, Sevastopol.
108 registered members. We study Buddhist philosophy and practice meditation for cultivating wisdom.

Serhiy Zinoview

project volunteer


+38 067 507-41-68

Ruslan Chugunov

project volunteer


+38 067 772-70-78

Taras Zhukovskyi

project volunteer


+38 067 762-33-71

Activists of Rangjung Yeshe Ukraine Community

Vlad Serebryanskiy

Andriy Glushko

Gena Mynchenko

Tatiana Chernobai

Natalie Platonova

Dmytro Mits

Michael Romaniv

Olya Zvonytskaya

Iryna Shkurko

Olesya Tkachenko

Sergiy Romanenko

Anna Ipatieva

Tanya Piven

Nata Kryvolapchuk

Volodymyr Moiseenko

Alyona Matvyichuk

Yaryna Kaplunenko

Dima Tkachenko

Oleksiy Golovko

Alyona Sergiy

Pavlo Shpylyovyi

Zhenya Georgiev

Vitaliy Georgiev

Ira Levchenko

Maria Kolomiets

Olena Meshkovska

Dima Yaroshevych

Dima Polivenok

Den Tkachenko

Hanna Nazarenko

Our first step — 
Creating* of the Jangchub Choling Temple

Translated from Tibetan it means "place of spiritual awakening"
("Jangchub" — Tibetan: "awakening," in Sanskrit boddhi; "Cho" — Tib. "spirituality,"
Sanskrit dharma; "Ling" — Tib. "place or monastery," Sanskrit dvipa)


This is the place for meditation, lectures, seminars and authentic practices.


A library with the entire collection of the Buddha’s words, Buddhist philosophical texts, and translations of the practices from Sanskrit and Tibetan.


Accommodations for teachers and monks arriving from Asia.

Now there is an old dining hall left over from the recreation camp.
It is in need of a major repair and renovation.

June 2017

June 2025

By June 2025, we need to create* the temple on this site. Using the existing foundation, upper floors will be constructed. We plan on holding a teaching seminar in the new temple.

Architectural Design

Video about Jangchub Choling

What is our final aim?

Creating* of a fully functional retreat complex where traditional three year retreats will take place under the direction of our teacher, Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, and uphold the commitment to support the international Buddhist community of Rangjung Yeshe.

To serve as a suitable place for spiritual practice, financially accessible for all:

Fot those interested in Buddhist philosophy and scriptures

For individual and group mediation sessions

For fellow Buddhist Communities

We also plan to open:

a vegetarian cafe

a Yoga hall to accommodate 300 practitioners

an Ayurvedic clinic to accommodate 15 patients

Successfully Completed Projects of Our Community


Stupa of Enlightenment

In association with the Ukrainian Science Academy

The Stupa of Enlightenment and the Tibetan Garden in Hryshko National Botanical Garden.


Buddhist Canonical Stupa and meditation alcove in the Garden of Himalayan Plants are open to all guests of the botanical garden. We continue to develop this area, adding traditional decorations, stones and Tibetan mantras.



Dharma Center Rangjung Yeshe Ukaine

Buddhist center Rangjung Yeshe Ukraine in the center of Kyiv. A place for meditation and study of Buddhist philosophy.


A similar retreat center in Nepal

At the heart of this complex is an active Karma Kagyu monastery with a Buddhist temple, surrounded by several stupas. Nearby, is a guesthouse – a tourist friendly place accommodating Western practitioners wishing for either individual practice or to attend group seminars. Income from the guesthouse rent covers all expenses of the monastery as well as the development of the whole complex’s infrastructure.

To reconstruct* Jangchub Choling temple by June 1, 2025 we need to collect 500 000 $ 

We will reconstruct* the wall of the temple with the bricks bought by our sponsors. Each brick will have on it the engraved name of the sponsor.


By making a donation of $1000 USD (or equivalent in any currency) for the temple’s reconstructing*, you will get your name engraved on a brick of the Jangchub Choling temple.

Make a

Start the accumulation of your donations by buying a brick (you can join the program or quit it at any time)

Start accumulation

Make any donation for temple creating:

For all sponsors and temple founders who bought a brick, each year we will offer and dedicate a long life puja at the Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery in Kathmandu.

Jangchub Choling Founders

Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

Vlad Serebryanskiy

Dmytro Polivenok

Katerina Svetlychna

Vladimir Yevstegneev

Irina Shkurko

Oleg Stakhov

Gennadyi Minchenko

Yaroslav Korolevych

Ruslan Chugunov

Stanyslav Rechinskiy

Olexsander Topolnyk

Vytaliy Gapochenko

21 Tara’s Patrons from China

Zhu HanRui and family

Xu ShangJie

Chinese Sangha

Chinese TTE Practitioners

*for now, we are accumulating funds for the preparation stage of the buildings reconstruction: development the architect project, construction, engineering and technical documentation, eliminating of the poor condition of the buildings etc.




+38 067 507 41 68 (Serhiy)


1 Lisova str., Khomivka village,

Radomyshl District,

Zhytomyr region,


Temple coordinates

50.540754, 29.446268