Vajra Heart by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche published in Ukrainian! Free to download

Today, on this Dakini Day, September 20, 2022, when the war with the Russian fascist invaders continues in Ukraine, we present to the Ukrainian Buddhist audience the book of the victorious Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, who in his past life and until now inspires tens of thousands of people around the world to explore their own path to complete, unconditioned freedom.

When talking about Precious Tulku Urgyen, his disciples mostly recall three main features. The first is great love and gentleness which Rinpoche illuminates and embraces with the entire space and everyone in it. The second is the simplicity of both the Teacher himself and everything he teaches. His simplicity is extraordinary, open, striking. And the third is depth. After all, even the simplest things taught by Precious Tulku Urgyen have an immeasurable depth that reaches the highest Tantras and essential instructions. Today, for the first Rinpoche’s book in Ukrainian appeared in the world.

This Ukrainian translation and publication would not have been possible without dedicated translators Eric Pema Kunsang, Yevhen Matkovskyi, Maria Vasilieva, literary editors Iryna Halamba, Maryna Ryabikyna, director of “Rangjung Yeshe Publications” Marcia Schmidt and head of the community of Rangjung Yeshe Ukraine Serhii Zinoviev.

The Ukrainian“Vajra Heart”book is already available on our website free to watch and download without any restrictions. We also hope that this book will be published in paper format as well, when the good condition for it will occur. The book has a convenient interactive index of Buddhist terms. By clicking on a term highlighted in italics, you get to the interpretation of this term in the index. By repeatedly clicking on a word in the index, you return to the main text of the book.