Live testimonials on the Tara’s Triple Excellence online program

We offer several reviews on the “Tara’s Triple Excellence course from people with a link to their profile on Facebook. Learn more about the program and register for it here.

Oksana Kompaniets Lane

“I want to share my Tara’s Triple Excellence practice experience. To say that this course has affected me, this is not to say anything! Now I am dividing my life into two halves, before and after the Teaching.

The course changed me radically, changed my outlook, my character, and most importantly, my attitude to people and in general to everybody and everything living and not even alive. Already after the first practice there was such an impression that I returned to myself, I knew myself, and also I wanted to cry like I met myself after a long separation. After morning prayer and meditation, something warm remained at the heart for the whole day, as if there was Tara. By the evening, I stayed in a peaceful state of which I could not be knocked out. Evening prayer and meditation were, at times, very interesting, I would even say, somewhat mystical dreams. Generally, I was sleeping very well, for all time, I had never had any insomnia. I want to pay tribute to the seminars conducted by Lama Tenzin and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche! Seminars were extremely interesting and cognitive.

I want to underline that I advise to take the Triple Tara’s Excellence course in your native language, or in a language you know from childhood. From my own experience, I can say that my attempt to listen to this course in English (I live in America) did not impress me like when I began to listen to the Russian language course. The Russian-speaking version is perfect, it falls well on our Slavic mentality. I was sad when the first part of the course was over, I look forward to the second part. I gladly met with Lama Tenzin in New York as with my dearest and close friend. He was mastering a retreat here. I add photos”.

Tatyana Butina

«Tara’s Triple Excellence» is a unique program! The First Perfection makes it possible to lay a solid foundation for renunciation, to weaken the clinging of self, to find out that the nature of Buddha is within us and only we ourselves, by purifying the shroud of clouds, can detect it. I recommend the program to everyone who wants to improve their lives and make it conscious”.

Elizaveta Nassikivker

The program “Triple Excellence” is gradually introducing you into Buddhism, allowing to move at your own pace, there are morning and evening practices every day. Each topic has video seminars conducted by Lama Tenzin Sangpo and Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche. If you wish, you can find literature related to each topic, is mentioned during the seminars. Full sense of the teacher’s presence. There are short texts for every topic. There is a program in Russian, though there are few participants, and this affects the forum. For me, this is the only opportunity to take classes, because I have a disabled child, a sick husband and I go to the work”.

Vlasuk Alexandra

From “want” to “doing” there can be countless steps. This is especially true when it comes to spiritual practice. Theoretically, you understand that the thing is necessary and important, but for some reason you postpone, distract and think, I’ll manage! It is understandable: most of us are afraid to approach something global, afraid of serious change. Otherwise, there would be long queues at the entrance of any gym, alcohol would disappear from the sale because it is no longer needed, but from smiling and good people there would be no place to hide.

The Tara’s Triple Excellence program is that very small steps making you start a great way without fear. You should not think: “How to start practicing daily? Why do I need it? What shall I do? How to do? How long does it take to meditate?” The program answers all these questions. You just reserve about 25-45 minutes of your time twice a day, and for this interval you can perform a simple but effective practice of the Noble Tara and analytical meditation. Believe me, it’s a lot, much more than nothing. Every day you receive the Teaching in tiny doses, until it becomes a part of you. No need to go somewhere on the edge of the world, you do not even have to leave your room – Teaching has already come to you. Ten years ago, thousands and thousands of people did not even dream such a form of learning would ever be possible. And a hundred years ago? A thousand years ago? If those people looked into the future, they would have called us lucky simply because we have such opportunities: to see the Teachers daily, listen to the words of Dharma, practice under the supervision of the Teachers – and for all that it is not even necessary to leave the house!

I think that the online course “Tara’s Triple Escellence” will be useful for beginners and experienced practitioners, because:

1) it helps to obtain and systematize the intellectual knowledge of Dharma;

2) everyday practice helps to transform intellectual knowledge into a level of intuitive, spiritual perception, and thus – to achieve quality changes in the actions of body, speech and consciousness;

3) the program turns you to what should be the basis of the daily Dharma practice. A huge amount of Buddhist literature and online forums can be found, in just the Facebook you can drown in a variety of information. As a result, people receive a significant amount of contradictory information, focusing on the seemingly more experienced comrades, and begin to perform a significant amount of useless practices for themselves, clutching at everything. Oil, canvas: “I heard a bell, but I do not know where it is.” Years and years of such wanderings are passing, but people do not feel the change. The cause is the fact that there is no solid foundation for practice. So it does not work, honestly! The truths on which the Teaching is based should not be discarded, you should not step over the Four Contemplations, thinking that all this is a kindergarten. The program helps to get back to the foundations and make them part of world perception. And on this foundation you can build whatever you need, even the most complicated Tantric practice.

4) Thanks to the fact that all the sessions are evenly “load”, you do not get tired, you get used to daily practice and you make it part of your life. It helps to keep up the rhythm, not to take excessive strain which causes aversion to the practice and the feeling of guilt simultaneously. That is so important for beginners.

You know, an hour and a half a day is a meager price for a qualitative change in consciousness. I am sincerely grateful to all the people who took part in the development, support and promotion of this amazing training program. I wish health and long years to Precious Teachers! Inspiration, eliminating all the obstacles for those who are involved in the creation and development of this incredibly useful online educational program!”