Empowering Change: Real Solutions, Real Impact – A Call to Our Extended Family

Nestled in the tranquil Ukrainian forest, Gomde retreat center humbly embraces the simplicity of nature. As we step into a season where the sun takes a back seat, our reliance on our mini solar power plant has become even more apparent.

In our effort to be self-sufficient, we’ve encountered a new challenge. The 5 kWh batteries that have faithfully served us well during sun-soaked summers are now grappling with the realities of winter. The need for light during Buddhist events and retreats has led us to seek a practical solution.

We’re turning to divine forces and to you, our extended family. An urgent requirement has surfaced for a new 10 kWh battery, a practical upgrade that ensures a steady supply of light for our center and sustains our spiritual practices through winter.

This isn’t about grand narratives; it’s about practicality. With your support, we aim to raise 4,000 euros to acquire these batteries, ensuring a reliable source of light and electricity for at least the next 5 years.

Your contribution, no matter how scaled, becomes a meaningful part of this journey. Let’s illuminate Gomde Ukraine together, casting away the shadows of uncertainty.

Click the link to be a part of our shared light. 🌈💡